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About the District

Bradford is pretty unique, with a special dynamic.  We’re big, diverse, captivating and caring. We have the best of the Dales alongside a vibrant city. Across the District we have great communities, different but connected by our passion for our place.  In Bradford we all belong, in different ways, and we care.

We’re also one of the biggest local authorities in the country and a thriving District, with an urban city centre and historic towns.  This brings all the strengths and dynamism you’d expect alongside some well identified challenges.

Bradford is the fifth largest metropolitan local authority district in England in terms of population with 530,000 people. Nearly one third of the population is aged under 20, making Bradford the youngest city in the UK and more than 150 languages are spoken within the district. The local economy is worth £11.6bn and is the tenth largest city economy in England and the third largest in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

The city is undergoing major regeneration as part of the council’s economic development strategy. There are plans for a clean air zone and a children’s trust, all of which give us a challenging and exciting future. Reflecting the city’s diversity, the council also won The MJ’s Innovation in Building Diversity category as part of The MJ’s 2021 awards.

The council’s chief executive Kersten England says: ‘The scale of the place and its opportunities and challenges are phenomenal. It’s a place where you can make your mark, is never dull and always satisfying. Often people don’t get the scale of Bradford and we have huge ambition for the place. Our finances are stable and we’ve good reserves. We’re aiming to launch one of the largest clean air zones in the country. We’ve also submitted a bid for City of Culture.’

Head of Transformation

Councils operate in a tough, fluid, exhilarating but often challenging environment. Covid has demonstrated how we are the lynchpin of so many communities, often working in the background to bring positive change, sustainability and continuity.  Within this environment, we need to constantly adapt, flex, change and remodel to keep delivering critical services whilst adapting to new pressures, financial constraints, new technology and changing policies.  We aren’t static.  But piecemeal and reactive change doesn’t put us ahead of the wholesale transformation needed.  We want someone who can lead transformation and change across the organisation, understanding how organisations, operating models, processes, systems, structures and cultures must transform to stay effective, relevant and impactful in an ever-changing world.

Our new Head of Transformation will lead our organisational change and transformation programme.  Overseeing a team of transformation experts, programme and project managers from a range of backgrounds, they’ll shape a programme of structured interventions across the Council, aimed at radically changing how we do things. Working with departments, sometimes by invite and sometimes by imperative, they’ll build a new Council, project by project, programme by programme – all focused on delivering our vision for the District. They will embody our new ways of working, our forward-thinking culture, our values, different behaviours. Most of all, they’ll deliver real, meaningful, embedded impact in every corner of the Council.  Success will be about better, more efficient services, higher customer satisfaction, better internal culture, higher morale and a technological revolution not necessarily about saving money (although we expect that will be a positive by-product).

Our new Head of Transformation will have a proven track record of major organisational transformation at scale – they will be able to point to effective change and the difference they’ve made.  They’ll understand how to lead a major programme across an organisation, building effective senior relationships, understanding customer and business needs, finding the best solution to challenges, being critically aware of costs and resources and then making the change happen.  They won’t be wedded to one particular methodology, rather they’ll find the solution that works best to each issue. They’ll have excellent political antennae, and will be able to adapt to working in local government if they’re outside the sector.  They’ll always link to the big picture in everything they lead, do, shape or influence.  Whatever their route to leading transformation, their success will be defined by their impact at creating a real, sustainable and ongoing difference.

Bradford Council positively encourages applications from candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

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Application deadline Monday 25 April
Longlisting (technical) interview 23/25 May
Final Panel – Interview and assessments 8 June
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